Wellbeing Webinars

The webinars below form part of our well-being series which is now being run exclusively online. 

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List of wellbeing webinars which are below in more detail

Improving Sleep
This webinar is aimed at those experiencing difficulties with getting to sleep or staying sleep.
AIMS: help you to understand the theory underlying sleep and why sleep problems arise.

Perinatal Support
These webinars are for Mums and Dads who are either expecting a baby or have a baby under 1 and who are feeling low in mood, anxious or isolated.
AIMS: offer professional wellbeing support and an opportunity to share stories and gain advice from other parents who have similar experiences.

Babies are welcome along to the sessions if the parent wishes to bring them.

Building Confidence
This webinar is aimed as those who lack confidence in themselves which in turn affects their communication style.
AIMS: offers tools and techniques to begin to challenge unhelpful behaviours, developing a more positive self-image, working on assertiveness and self-critical thoughts.

Anxiety & Panic 
This webinar is aimed at those experiencing difficulties with anxiety and panic attacks.
AIMS: help those people experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and introduces some helpful strategies to help you deal with them.

Stress Management
This webinar is aimed at those who are struggling with daily stress and feel unable to cope with it.
AIMS: help you to manage stressful situations effectively as well as building skills to support emotional wellbeing.

Managing Pain
This webinar is aimed at those experiencing chronic pain which is having a significant impact on their daily functioning.
AIMS: to offer a range of techniques for helping you manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

Building Resilience
This webinar is aimed at those who struggle to deal with challenges and find it difficult to bounce back from setbacks.
AIMS: introduce the five domains of resilience (purpose, self, connections, body and mind). In each domain you will be given information and tips on how to practically build your resilience while getting the most out of life.

Mindful Relaxation
This webinar is aimed at those who would like to learn some Mindful relaxation skills.
AIMS: look at what it means to relax using mindfulness techniques and what situations it is important to relax in. It will provide different relaxation exercises that can be used outside of the workshop.

Unhelpful Thinking
This webinar is aimed at those who find themselves thinking negatively or unhelpfully about themselves or situations.
AIMS: help you to identify the impact that thoughts have on how we feel and behave. It looks at the various unhelpful thinking styles and also how thoughts can be challenged.

Managing Worry
This webinar is aimed at those experiencing difficulties with excessive worry.
AIMS: help you to identify why we worry and looks at steps to overcome

This webinar is aimed at those experiencing difficulties with low mood or depression.
AIMS: help you to understand what depression is and how it is maintained. This workshop also looks at what can be done to overcome depression and break out of the cycle we can find ourselves in.

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